2021 Global Youth Video Competition

2021 Global Youth Video Competition

Deadline: November 10, 2021

2021 Global Youth Video Competition (credit: overseas.mofa.go.kr)
As part of the "Peace with Women" Initiative launched in June 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is planning to hold the "3rd International Conference on Action with Women and Peace" on Thursday, November 25, 2021, alongside which the '2021 Global Youth Video Competition' will be held. Thank you for your interest and participation.


Action against Sexual Violence in Conflict (Choose 1)

  1. How to Ensure Survivor-centered Approach in Dealing with Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Conflict
  2. How to Promote Women’s Participation in Peace Process

Rules and Eligibility Requirements:

  • Youth ages 19-34 from all countries are eligible to participate
  • The Competition is open to individuals and teams, and each participant can submit only one piece of work.

Video Contest Format

Video Genres

  • Not limited as long as the length does not exceed 5 minutes.
  • All types of video content including documentaries, music videos, movies, promotional videos, campaigns, and animation are welcome.

Video File Formats

Submit a file in a video format (e.g. avi, mp4) with a maximum size of 600 MB.

Video Title

(Date of submission/YYMMDD)_Participant’s name_Title

Not Eligible Entries:

  • Works that do not correspond to the theme of the Competition or not in the required format
  • Award-winning works from other contests
  • Works whose copyright has been sold or under negotiation for sales to another or a corporation


  • Download an application form from the conference website at awp.or.kr and submit your application form and video via email to awpyouth2021@gmail.com
  • The application form including all other documents attached must be filled out and signed before the submission.


  • Make sure to fill out all the sections on the application form.
  • The detailed schedule of the Competition is subject to change depending on the number of entries and level of works that are to be decided by the judging committee.
  • The competition organizer shall dispose of all entries that have not won the awards within three months from the end of the Competition, and fulfill the obligations to prevent leakage of all the entries submitted, except for winning works.
  • If necessary, the Competition organizer may take precedence in taking over all or part of the copyright of the entries. In such a case, the organizer shall have a separate consultation with the creator of the video.


Stages Programs Dates
Stage 1 Video Submission via E-mail Due on Nov. 10
Stage 2 Selection of Winners ① Internal Screening ~ Nov. 13
② Expert’s Evaluation ~ Nov. 17
Stage 3 Announcement of Winners ~ Nov. 19
Stage 4 Screening of Awarded Videos During the Conference on Nov. 25


1 Grand Award, 1 Award for Outstanding Excellence, 1 Award for Excellence (Total prize money is worth 6.5 million won in total.)

Award Number of Winners Prize
Grand Award 1 person or team Minister of Foreign Affairs Award and the prize money of 3 million won
Award for Outstanding Excellence Minister of Foreign Affairs Award and the prize money of 2 million won
Award for Excellence Minister of Foreign Affairs Award and the prize money of 1,5 million won


awpyouth2021@gmail.com and awpcontest2021@gmail.com


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