2021 Korean Film Night

2021 Korean Film Night

Deadline: November 21, 2021

2021 Korean Film Night (credit: overseas.mofa.go.kr)

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of South Africa is hosting the 2021 Korean Film Night from 23-25th November at the Brooklyn Ster-Kinekor. Please send us the filled application form to secure the seat by 21 November to jjung16@mofa.go.kr.

Registration will start at 17.00.

1. 23 November - Luck-Key

Sinopsis Luck-Key

A Hit Man Wakes Up with Amnesia - to a Switched Life 

Hyung-wook, an infamous assassin known for his perfection, slips on soap at a public sauna and passes out. Jae-sung, a not famous unknown actor who's hit rock bottom, witnesses the accident and switches his locker key with Hyung-wook. Jae-sung opens the locker to find the key to 2 fancy cars which leads him to a luxurious condo along with the full wealth and secrets of a successful hitman.

On the other hand, Hyung-wook wakes up with amnesia. And the only clue he has for his identity is an outstanding payment bill With the help of a paramedic, he finds his (actually Jae-sung's) place discovering that he's a totally broke nameless actor. While Hyung-wook struggles to remember, he tries to 'continue' his life as an actor. And by the irony of fate, with the help of real-life action moves that his body is accustomed to, he soon becomes the new action hero on TV. And soon his memory starts to return.

2. 24 November - Little Forest

Sinopsis Little Forest

A young woman after failing an exam comes back to her traditional village in Korea from the city which she always dreamt about and When she comes back her mother has already eloped with someone so she has no other way to stay alone in the house with no further delay her two friends accompanying her to make her feel comfortable. She makes use of her mother's garden which is called a LITTLE FOREST to cook which uncovers her mother's secret of cooking and she starts living there during ball the seasons of the year and starts agriculture the Little Forest.

3. 25 November - Stand By Me

Sinopsis Stand By Me

I love you, grandpa, please don't leave me.

Deok-gu, a 7-year-old boy, lives with his little sister Deok-hee and his grandfather in a country village. A few years ago, Deok-gu's father passed away in a traffic accident, and soon his mother ran away with his father's life insurance payout. Working part-time just in order to survive, the grandfather struggles to raise the kids, and it is not easy to buy even a small toy for Deok-gu. While Deok-gu prepares to enter elementary school, his grandfather discovers that he doesn't have much time left. But Deok-gu is too young to look after his sister and even himself. So, his grandfather prepares a present for his grandchildren that might be his last. 

Due to limited spaces available, registration will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis.


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