2021 Korean Food Video Contest

2021 Korean Food Video Contest

Deadline: December 18, 2021

2021 Korean Food Video Contest (credit: hansik_official)

Have you heard about the "Korean Food Video Contest"?

I'm curious about the ‘Korean Food Video Contest’ and who can participate!

The goal of the ‘Korean Food Video Contest’ is to demonstrate that "anyone can make their own Korean food" Whatever your nationality or skill level!

Make a video of yourself cooking Korean food and get closer to Korean food.

  • You can participate regardless of where you live
  • Anyone with foreign nationality is welcome to participate

* Koreans living abroad are not allowed to participate

What kind of content should we record?

Make a video of your own 'YOUnique' Korean food that only you can make using 'Kimchi' or 'Jang,’ which are traditional Korean ingredients!

Competition topic 1

A Cooking video with a Kimchi or Jang theme (Cookbang)

  • A video made using Korean food ingredients Kimchi or Jang to create a dish enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

But I'm not confident in my cooking?

In 'YOUnique K-Food,’ you only need to show your passion

for Korean food, not your culinary skills!

Consider making a video demonstrating how much you enjoy Korean food.

Competition topic 2

An Eating video with a Korean food theme (Mukbang) 

  • A video eating Korean food that is easily accessible and widely available

How do I apply for the contest?

Through group entries, 'YOUnique K-Food' gives everyone a fair chance to win a prize!

*Number of subscribers based on SNS: 1st screening date (December 14th 14.00, Korea Standard Time)

Group A

SNS (Instagram, YouTube) account has more than 500 subscriber

Group B

SNS (Instagram, YouTube) account has less than 500 subscribers

How much is the prize money?

A total of 96 winners will be chosen based on themes and applications!

01.Group A Cookbang USD 47,000 Mukbang USD 34,000
02.Group B Cookbang USD 34,000 Mukbang USD 19,000

*Depending on the level of work and the number of submitted works, the award and the number of award winners may be adjusted.

Where and when should I apply?

After uploading to your personal SNS (YouTube, Instagram), fill out the application form on the contest website and you're done!

Entry Date

Submission period

November 19th ~ December 18th, 2021

*Both personal SNS channels and the website of the contest must apply during the above period

1st screening

December 14th, 2021

2nd screening

December 17th, 2021

Announcement of results

December 21th, 2021

How to apply

  1. (Step 1) Upload on your personal SNS channel (Instagram, YouTube)
  2. (Step 2) Submit the application form to the contest website

Entry restrictions and precautions

  • Entries are only accepted for videos that are uploaded during the contest period (based on the upload date Korea Standard Time).
  • Entries are only recognized when both the video is uploaded on the personal social media (YouTube, Instagram) channel and the contest official site upload are completed.
  • The detailed evaluation criteria and process for the submitted works are not disclosed, and the above award contents are subject to change depending on the number of entries and the level of the works.
  • Depending on the circumstances, the application period, work evaluation, and award-winning work schedule may be modified.
  • Each individual may submit up to three entries per category (cookbang (cooking video), mukbang (eating video)).
  • If a single person submits multiple entries, only the one with the highest prize money will be chosen as the winning work.
  • Even if you apply as a group, one team is counted as one, and the prize money is distributed to the representative. The person who submitted the application must appear in the video. (Proof of identity must be available in the case of award-winning work.) 
  • The winning video can be uploaded for service to the Korean Food Promotion Institute's YouTube channel, website, and other social media channels
  • Entries must be original works that have not previously received awards in other competitions.
  • If it is determined that the winning work infringes on a third party's copyright, the winner is responsible for all legal ramifications, including the cancellation of the prize and the return of the prize money. If a disagreement arises for any other reason, both parties must make a concerted effort to resolve it amicably.

Entry requirements.

  • Video production using ENG cameras, camcorders, smartphones, etc.
  • File type: avi. mp4, etc.
  • Image size (resolution): 1920 × 1080 pixels or more
  • Quantity: within 30 minutes
  • Video submission file name: [#PlayKoreanFood_Season2]_participant name_work title


  • Video title: Specify [#PlayKoreanFood_Season2] before the video title
  • Required hashtags: #playkoreanfood_season2 #hansik #koreanfood #playhansik #youniquekfood and other Korean food tags.

Reason for disqualification.

  • When using Korean food as a negative or excessively stimulating material.
  • If it is determined that it does not correspond to Korean food or does not meet the contest's objectives.
  • When the manipulation of the number of views is confirmed.
  • Refusal to give consent to the release of personal information, etc.

Application method, judging schedule, and result announcement

  • Application period: November 19th - December 18th (Korea Standard Time)
    • Individual social media channels and contest websites must apply during the above period to be recognized.
  • Submission counting period: November 19th - December 22th (Korea Standard Time)
  • Judging schedule:
    1. (1st screening) December 14th (Korea Standard Time)
    2. (2nd screening) December 17th (Korea Standard Time)
  • Results announcement: December 21st (Korea Standard Time)
    1. The announcement date may be changed depending on internal circumstances
    2. Korean Standard Time = GMT time difference ‒ 9 hours
    3. Due to COVID-19, there will be no separate awards ceremony, and the promotion schedule may be changed due to internal circumstances (the prize money will be paid individually)
Submission period (12.19 12.18) Application counting period (11.19 ~ 12.22) 1st screening (12.22)/ 2nd screening (12.27) Announcement of winners (12.28)
(1st step) Upload your video on your SNS channel within the application period (11.19 -12.18)

(2nd step) Click “Submit Video” on the contest website (www.playkoreanfood.com). *Enter your personal data and video URL for submission. *The application shall be complete after finishing both steps.
- Applications for the contest will be accepted beginning November 19th.
- For videos submitted by December 18th, counting will begin from the date of submission of the contest (11.19) to December 22nd
- The number of views and likes on videos posted to personal SNS channels are tallied and reflected in the 1st screening
(1st screening)
- 12.22
- The reasons for disqualification among the top 30 to 50 views (1st screening) are deliberated and selected as candidates for the second screening
*Up to 30th place in Group A (each field) and 50th place in Group B (each field) were selected for the first evaluation. *Disqualified entries are excluded from the screening.

(2nd screening)
- 12.27
- A panel of internal and external expert judges are formed to evaluate according to the evaluation criteria..
*Those with less than 60 points will be eliminated from the evaluation, and the winners will be selected in the order of high scores in each field.
Winners are announced on the contest website and the cash prizes are delivered individually

Selection by field

  • (Group A) 1st Place (1 person/team), 2nd Place (3 people/team), 3rd Place (5 people/team), Participation prize (10 people/team), Subtotal (19 people/team)
  • (Group A) 1st Place (1 person/team), 2nd Place (3 people/team), 3rd Place (5 people/team), Participation prize (20 people/team), Subtotal (29 people/team)

Award and prize money: Total prize money USD 134,000.

About KRW 157,317,000

- A total of 96 works would be selected. (38 in Group A, 58 in Group B).

- (Group A) Cookbang (Cooking video) (USD 47,000), Mukbang (Eating video) (USD 34,000), total of USD 81,000.

Award Selection
(By field)
➀ Cookbang (Cooking video) (Kimchi,Jang) ➁ Mukbang (Eating video) (Korean food)
Prize Money (USD) Total Prize
Prize Money (USD) Total Prize (USD)
1st Place 1 7,000 7,000x1=7,000 5,000 5,000x1=5,000
2nd Place 3 5,000 5,000x1=5,000 3,000 3,000x3=9,000
3rd Place 5 3,000 3,000x3=9,000 2,000 2,000x5=10,000
Participation prize 10 1,000 1,000x5=5,000 1,000 1,000x5=5,000
Subtotal 19 USD 47,000 USD 34,000

- (Group B) Cookbang (Cooking video)(USD 34,000), Mukbang (Eating video) (USD 19,000), total of USD 53,000.

Award Selection
(By field)
➀ Cookbang (Cooking video) (Kimchi,Jang) ➁ Mukbang (Eating video) (Korean food)
Prize Money (USD) Total Prize
Prize Money (USD) Total Prize (USD)
1st Place 1 5,000 5,000x1=5,000 3,000 3,000x1=3,000
2nd Place 3 3,000 3,000x3=9,000 2,000 2,000x3=6,000
3rd Place 5 2,000 2,000x5=10,000 1,000 1,000x5=5,000
Participation prize 20 500 500x20=10,000 250 250x20=5,000
Subtotal 29 USD 34,000 USD 19,000

* Depending on the level of work and the number of submitted works, the award and the number of award

winners may be adjusted.

** If there is no qualified person in any of the above fields, no award would be given to the relevant category.


  • Participation in the contest is restricted if you do not agree to the collection of personal information.
  • Only posts uploaded between November 19th and December 18th will be considered for participation in the competition.
  • The award may be revoked if the post is deleted after the announcement or during the contest period.

Inquiries: Korean Food Promotion Institute Contest Operation Secretariat

Contact: +82-2-74909979 Email: hansik2021@doitco.com



We're looking "YOUnique K-Food" with your own personality in #Play Korean Food season2

where you can make, eat Korean food yourself and enjoy the colorful taste of Korean food!

The Korean Food Video Contest will be for foreigners from all over the world who enjoy Korean food and culture!

Please share the card news that explained everything about the contest with your foreign friends who adore Korea! (tag is a must!) #PlayKoreanFood_Season2 #YOUniqueKFood

Let us share the Korean food that is captivating the world, reborn in your own unique way

The website for the contest will go live on November 19th!


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