2021 Taekwondo UCC Contest

2021 Taekwondo UCC Contest

Deadline: November 12, 2021

2021 Taekwondo UCC Contest (credit: worldtaekwondo.org)

This contest is open to everyone who loves taekwondo at home and abroad, is hosted by the Asia Development Foundation, and jointly organized by World Taekwondo, the Kukkiwon, the Korea Taekwondo Association, and the KAHPERD.

1. Outline


All for Taekwondo in Everyday Life


  • To promote the excellence of Taekwondo to the world by creating momentum for changing the perception that can be reborn as Taekwondo is used by all citizens in daily life.
  • UCC* Through the contest 1) Fun Taekwondo 2) Showing up Taekwondo, 3) Together Taekwondo that can be done all together.

*UCC: User Created Contents: Work must be personally created.


Asia Development Foundation


Korean Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance/ World Taekwondo/ Kukkiwon/ Korea Taekwondo Association


Taekwondo Promotion Foundation/ Sports Donga /Pocari Sweat/ Mooto/ Applerind/ Tusah

2. Topic

‘Taekwondo that is Fun, Excellence, and Together’

Fun Taekwondo

A video that can make all people laugh while watching dynamic Taekwondo.

Showing Up Taekwondo

A video that shows up Taekwondo such as Kyorugi, Poomsae, and Demonstration.

Together Taekwondo

A video sharing with multicultural families, disabled people, generations, families, friends, etc.

3. Contents

Select one of the above three themes then submit a UCC video containing a story between 30 sec and 2 minutes (the video has to be personally created).

※ Video content (genre) can be freely selected from advertisements, documentaries, dramas, etc.

Example of video Subject

  • Promotional video introducing Taekwondo to friends, families, etc.
  • A video produced in the form of a Vlog and coverage of the charm of Taekwondo.
  • Videos promoting Taekwondo culture or policy.
  • A video expressing the efforts and achievements for activating Taekwondo in the Academy.
  • Music Video (Taekwondo).
  • A video that contains various ideas related to Taekwondo or other

4. Period (Registration)

2021.10.5(Tue) ~ 2021.11.12(Fri)

5. Eligibility to apply

  • Any Korean or foreigner who loves Taekwondo.
  • The number of submissions per individual or team can be limited to one per field.

 (Duplicate entries by field of participants are not allowed)

6. How to participate

Submission subject

1 video file, Application form, such as attached documents.

Video submission standards

  • Amount of video: 30 seconds ~ 2 minutes (within 120 seconds)
  • Video Resolution: Recommended 1280x720 pixels (HD) or higher.
  • File Format: Video in MP4, avi, wmv, mov format

Official Language: Korean or English

  • Subtitles (Korean and English) are required if there is a dialogue in the video.

How to submit 

Website: https://forms.gle/3p7ipTuXSxRiMJci9

  1. Make a UCC video
  2. Fill out the application and upload a video file. Submission video file name: Contest_field_group name (Ex: Taekwondo video contest_Fun Taekwondo_ Club name)

* Participants require a google email account to submit the application and the video file

7. Judging and Awards

  • Judging Schedule: 2021.11.13 (Sat) ~ 2021.11.30 (Tue)
  • Evaluations: Will be internal and external expert judges and SNS aggregation (likes, views statistics)
  • Judgment elements: integrity, suitability, originality, interest, preference.
  • Winners announcement: 2021.12.3 (Fri)
  • Way of announcement: On-site announcement.  ※ Judging, announcement, and award schedules are subject to change depending on internal circumstances
  • Awards ceremony: 2021.12.3 (Fri)
  • Awards Details: Differential payment of prize money according to the final ranking. Total prize-giving: KRW 24,000,000
Grades Winners Prizes Category
Grand Prize 1 team KRW 5, 000,000 Asia Development Foundation Chairman’s Award
Best-Excellence Award 3 team Each team KRW 3,000, 000 Taekwondo Central Institution Award
Excellence Award 5 team Each team KRW 2,000,000 Korean Physical Education President’s Award
Encouragement Award 8 team Each team KRW 3,000,000 Sports Dong-A President’s Award

8. Notes

Contest participants (applicants) are deemed to agree to all of the following.

  • Documents such as the participation request form and pledge form must be submitted.
  • If a group team wins a prize, the certificate and prize money will be presented to a representative, and the organizer not be involved in any other matter.
  • Submitted works and documents are not returned at all.
  • Works submitted to the finals after the first evaluation will be posted on the Youtube channel.
  • The winning entries can be posted on the website (online) of the host and organizers and can be used
  • for advertising to expand Taekwondo in the future. The specific utilization plan is as follows:
    •  (Video Disclosure) In principle, entries are made public through the website and Youtube channel of the host and host organization of this contest. In particular, the winning entries will be disclosed to broaden the Taekwondo base on the official website of the organizer and host (Organization and organizers related to Taekwondo).
    •  (SNS Posting) Post this project as an introduction and promotional content on Facebook, Instagram, and blog operated by the host organization of this project.
    •  (Production of promotional materials) It is used to produce various Taekwondo-related promotional materials and promotional videos. 
  • In all content (including sound sources) included in the shipment, there should be no legal issues such as copyright, portrait right, intellectual property infringement, defamation, etc.
    •  For copyright issues contact the Korea Copyright Commission (copyrightor.kr) or the Korea Music Copyright Association (komca.or.kr, then produce and submit a video.
    •  When using a sound source for UCC video, the source must be specified to avoid legal disputes.
  • Winners of other contests will be excluded from the evaluation and, if violations are confirmed after the announcement of the prize, the prize will be canceled and all prize money will be refunded.
  • The work that does not meet the presentation standards (quantity, resolution, file, format, etc.) can be excluded from the first evaluation.
  • Depending on the number and quality of the works presented, the number of awards can be partially adjusted.
  • Prize money is given out by deducting taxes and public expenses from the prize money. 

9. Questions

Korean Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance / ‘2021 Taekwondo UCC Video contest’ Manager

☏ +82) 070-7863-8713 / E-mail 2021ucctkd@gmail.com


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