2022 KF Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research in Australia and New Zealand

2022 KF Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research in Australia and New Zealand

Deadline: November 23, 2021

Program Outline

The KF Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research is designed to support the full-time research of rising scholars who have recently earned a PhD of a Korea-related topic at a university or research organization located in Australia and New Zealand.

Eligible Applicants

Rising scholars with a recent PhD in the humanities, social sciences, arts, or cultural studies on a Korea-related topic must fulfill each of the following criteria:

  • Have citizenship or permanent residency status in a country outside Korea (Applicants must already have obtained permanent residency status at the time of submitting their application.)
  • Have not been awarded a position at a university equivalent or exceeding that of a full-time lecturer or be designated as a senior researcher of a research institution
  • Have obtained a PhD degree within the past five years

* A PhD candidates who are scheduled to receive their PhD degree by February 28, 2022, are also eligible to apply 

Number of Available Scholarships

1-3 Postdoctoral Fellowships will be awarded in the 2022 academic year. 

Grant Period

1 year (March 1, 2022, to February 28, 2023)

Supported Activities

All aspects of academic research including the editing of one’s doctoral dissertation for publication

Grant Amount

Research stipend (will be determined based on actual costs)

Application Schedule

  • Application submission period: October 25 to November 23, 2021 (18:00 KST)
  • Notification of acceptance: (Mid) December 2021
Please note that the notification date is subject to change without prior notice.

Required Documents

1. Online Application (Apply)

2. Supplemental materials (uploaded to online application)

① Curriculum Vitae

Including information about the educational experience (including the title of dissertation), professional experience, fellowships and grants received in the past, and a list of research accomplishments and publications.

② Detailed research proposal 

  • A detailed explanation of the planned research project including its goals
  • Area of research and its significance for the field of Korean studies
  • Description of the selected research methodology and materials
  • Description of the progress made thus far and the extent of progress planned during the fellowship period
  • Reasons why the research project must be conducted at the affiliated institution chosen by the applicant

 ③ A copy of the request(s) made to the affiliated institution(s) for a research stay

  • Before submitting the postdoctoral fellowship application, applicants must send to each institution (research institutes or universities) at which they would like to conduct research a request for a postdoctoral research stay. A copy of each request must be attached in PDF format to the online application package submitted to the Foundation.
  • The applicant may submit no more than three requests.
  • Listed institution(s) may not be changed after submitting the application

④ Letter of acceptance from the affiliated institution

The applicant should submit a copy of the letter of acceptance to the KF upon confirmation.

⑤ PhD dissertation

Dissertation abstract, table of contents, chapter summaries, one sample chapter, publication plan

⑥ One copy of PhD diploma

Those who have attained their PhD diploma after the application submission period should submit a copy of the PhD diploma by February 28, 2022. If the selected fellow is unable to do so by this time, the Foundation will cancel its support.

⑦ Academic transcript of graduate degree

⑧ Three (3) Letters of Reference

Including one from your PhD dissertation supervisor

* Applicants should contact their referees before completing the application process. The KF Online Application System will automatically send an email to the referee provided in the application. The email will request that the referee write a letter of reference and upload it onto the KF Online Application System. Please be aware that the deadline for reference submissions is 18:00 KST on Friday, November 26, 2021. 

How to apply

Click on the “Apply” button at the bottom of this program announcement and complete the online application form.

The “Apply” button is only activated during the application period from October 25, 2021, to November 23, 2021 (18:00 KST).

The application form and all other required documentation must be submitted in Korean or English.

Important Reminders on Application Process

  • Fellowship recipients receiving research stipends under this program must conduct research at a major university in Australia or New Zealand with a faculty member with a publication record in Korean Studies or offering a Korean Studies program and have a Korean Studies faculty and library collection.
  • Fellowship recipients may not conduct research at the university from which they obtained his or her PhD degree.
  • Fellowship recipients may not hold concurrent fellowships from either the Foundation or any other third-party institution. Please be aware that if you receive any other scholarship at the third-party institution, the Foundation will cease its support and request the reimbursement of the grant to the Foundation.
  • Fellowship recipients must be accepted to the affiliated institution in the semester indicated on the application. Fellowship periods may not be deferred to the following year.
  • Fellowship recipients may receive the KF Postdoctoral Fellowship only once. Those who have already received the fellowship may not reapply.
  • After receiving the acceptance notice, Korean nationals should submit evidence of their foreign citizenship or permanent residency by email to the KF program officer in charge of the program.

Responsibilities of Scholarship Recipients

1. Full-time research

Fellowship recipients must devote the fellowship period entirely to their research. They are, however, permitted to teach at the affiliated institution to the extent that teaching activities do not interfere with the progress of their research (limited to 1 course per term).

2. Participation in academic activities of the affiliated institution

Postdoctoral fellowship recipients are required to participate in Korea-related academic activities of the host institution during their research stay.

3. Submission of a final report

Fellowship recipients are required to submit a final report within 7 days of the end of the fellowship period, detailing the progress made during this period, and drafted using the KF’s report form.

4. Further reporting requirements

Fellowship recipients must report to the Foundation even after the fellowship period expired, about any major academic activities they are involved in and/or their entry into an academic position

5. Publication requirement

Fellowship recipients must revise their doctoral dissertation during the fellowship period and publish it as a book or research paper within three years of the end of the fellowship period.

* The Korea Foundation will monitor recipients’ research progress annually for three years following the conclusion of the fellowship period. Fellows who do not fulfill their responsibilities will not be eligible for future support from the Korea Foundation.

Further Inquiries

  • Contact Information: byha@kf.or.kr 
  • Regarding KF Application Portal system: tech-support@kf.or.kr


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