A Survey for Hallyu [Korean Pop Culture]

A Survey for Hallyu [Korean Pop Culture]

Deadline: November 21, 2021

A Survey for Hallyu [Korean Pop Culture] (credit: Titter @KoreanTravel)

A Survey for Hallyu [Korean Pop Culture] Club Members Concerning the Development of Korean Pop Culture-themed Tourism Contents

Greetings to Hallyu fans all around the world!

As a friendly approach, Korea Tourism Organization would like to communicate and increase interactions with Hallyu fans all over the world through a survey to better understand fans’ areas of interest in Hallyu and club activities that fans are involved in.

We are eager to hear from global Hallyu fans who have valuable opinions and a lot of interest in Korean pop culture. It won’t take long—complete the survey and win a prize! 

[Event Dates] 

2021. 11. 15 (Mon.) ~ 2021. 11. 21 (Sun.)  

[Event Details] 

A survey on opinions of global Hallyu fans.

[Event Prizes] 

  1. 50 USD Amazon eGift Card (5 participants), 
  2. 30 USD Amazon eGift Card (10 participants), 
  3. 20 USD Amazon eGift Card (20 participants), and
  4. 10 USD Amazon eGift Card (30 participants)

[Winner Announcements] 

2021. 12. 3 (Fri.) Prize winners will be contacted individually via e-mail.

[Questions and Inquiries] 

Sky Tour Service/ E-mail: partner@kstyletour.com


Click the link to participate in survey

English: https://forms.gle/2SQG12F31mGG2t5p6

French: https://forms.gle/MfRkVEjDNRHrNZJ57

Russian: https://forms.gle/tF9R8Aow2Tfa9tbq8

Spanish: https://forms.gle/HubPYDtRH37fxRoC7

Arabic: https://forms.gle/eHiWChE8vwtomEP7A

Simplified Chinese: sg.mikecrm.com/8lXqo7m

Taiwanese: https://forms.gle/bYUEURBCqh7TJM3M9

Japanese: https://forms.gle/TrMdnaavsKp5PHzL8


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