"Gauchos" Exhibition by Luis Fabini

"Gauchos" Exhibition by Luis Fabini

Deadline: December 17, 2021

"Gauchos" Exhibition by Luis Fabini (credit: kf.or.kr)

From November 17 to December 17, 2021, the Korea Foundation (KF) presents the Gauchos photography exhibition, held both on-site at the KF Gallery and online as a VR exhibition, in collaboration with the Embassy of Uruguay in South Korea. This is renowned Uruguayan photographer Luis Fabini (1965~)’s first exhibition in Korea, providing an opportunity to explore the culture and nature of Uruguay through photographs of gauchos, Uruguayan cowboys who coexist with nature through their unique lifestyle. Organized in cooperation with the Museum of Pre-Columbian and Indigenous Art (MAPI), the exhibition features 33 platinum palladium photographs, as well as eight color photographs printed on handmade Japanese awagami paper.

Harboring a deep interest in Uruguayan cultural heritage, Fabini captures the deep relationship between humans and horses in his photographs, particularly with the publication of his first collection of photographs, titled Gauchos (2012), and its successor, Cowboys of the Americas (2016). Anthropologist Wade Davis, an explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society, said: "Luis Fabini's photographs are a stunning evocation of a unique way of life, the culture of the cowboys. But they are also a celebration of one of most extraordinary relationships between species." Horses may run toward danger while gauchos are riding them, but eventually, humans and horses understand each other and are able to coexist, running in the same direction. As a result, humans became able to travel hitherto unimaginable distances on horsebacks, with the sight of horses galloping over the earth creating pure and beautiful scenery. Fabini's portraits of gauchos are thus as much about humans and horses as about the land where both coexist.

Fabini spent several months living with Uruguayan gauchos to fully understand their way of life while capturing them on film. His photographs are not staged but show life at its most authentic. In contrast to contemporary society, in which rapid consumption reigns supreme, Fabini's photographs reveal gauchos’ simple, strict, and proud approach to life as they preserve the traditions of the land where they were born and raised. Visitors and viewers of the exhibition will be able to feel that living like a gaucho today means the infinite affirmation of one's own way of life.

Fabini's photographs are included in collections in Europe and the United States and have been published around the world in magazines such as Outside, Stern, and the French edition of GEO. This exhibition will provide visitors and viewers with the unique opportunity to enjoy works by an international photographer while virtually traveling to the north of Uruguay. We hope that this exhibition will allow viewers to feel closer to the life and culture of people in Uruguay, the antipode of Korea, and witness the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature and between tradition and modernity.

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