Incheon Open Port Video Comment Giveaway

Incheon Open Port Video Comment Giveaway

Deadline: November 21, 2021

Incheon Open Port Video Comment Giveaway (credit: Ig

Watch the <INCHEON OPEN PORT > video and leave a comment to get a reward!

Please write about your expectations for the video.

Watch Now:

Participate Now:

Time travel to the Incheon Open Port

A girl who was living in peace in the enlightenment period time travels to the year 2021!

Will the girl have a safe trip to the Open Port in the year 2021 and safely return to where she belongs?

An interactive content that changes the fate of the girl based on the viewers’ choice!

Your decision completes the story!

Event Period

2021.11.17 (Wed) ~ 2021.11.21 (Sun)

Winner Announcement

2021.11.22 (Mon) 

*We will personally contact the winner through e-mail

The Prize

$10 U.S. Amazon Gift Card / 50 winners

*Only available on

How to participate?

(STEP 1)

Watch the "Time travel to the Incheon Open Port" video!

Watch here:

(STEP 2)

Leave a comment about your expectations for the interactive episode.

(STEP 3)

Take a screenshot of your comment.

(STEP 4)

Submit the screenshot and your personal information.

Important Notice

  1. Duplicate contacts will be removed and 1 prize for 1 person will be randomly given.
  2. If you use any illegal procedure while participating in this event, you may lose your chance of winning.
  3. We are not responsible for any of the problems that are caused by incorrect contact information.
  4. Depending on the situation of the event managing company, the duration of the event and the type of the prize (at the same value) may change without advance notice.

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