[Job opening] Program coordinator in KCC Canada

[Job opening] Program coordinator in KCC Canada

Deadline: December 3, 2021

[Job opening] Program coordinator in KCC Canada (credit: Ig @kcccanada)

The Korean Cultural Centre in Canada (KCC) has an opening of 1 position. Interested candidates may apply by referring to the below guidelines. For more information, please visit the KCC website: canada.korean-culture.org.

1. Position

Program coordinator

2. Duties

  1. Promoting the Korean language and Korean Studies
  2. Coordinating the "Understanding Korea Project"
  3. Supervising English texts
  4. Coordinating the programs related to the Korean literature and publication
  5.  Assisting with KCC programs

3. Who is eligible to apply? Those who:

  1. Are Canadian citizens or permanent residents;
  2. Obtain security clearance;
  3. Are proficient in-office programs and communication applications;
  4. Are proficient in English at the level of well-educated native speakers; and
  5. Can communicate with Korean native speakers in the work environment.

*If you are a work permit holder and the permanent residence review is in progress, you can apply for a conditional application even if you are not a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada.

4. Who is preferred? Those who:

  1. Are proficient in French at the level of well-educated native speakers;
  2. Specialized or are experienced in translation/interpretation; or
  3. Specialized or are experienced in the Korean language/Korean studies 
*Proof required.

5. Employment conditions

  1. Work hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00 (lunch break 12:00-13:00)
  2. Contract period: 1-year (including 3-month paid probation period). After the initial 1-year contract, the position will be subject to a permanent contract, depending on relevant performance evaluations.
  3. Salary: Determined by the guiding regulations of the Korean Culture and Information Service such as "재외한국문화원 및 문화홍보관 행정직원에 관한 규정" and "재외한국문화원 문화홍보관 행정직원 채용 및 운영 세부지침"

6. Process (based on the Eastern Time Zone in Canada)

a. 1st stage: 

Application review.

  1. Required documents: a résumé, a cover letter, a photocopy of the passport, a photocopy of the PR card (for permanent residents only), career certificate(s) (if applied), and transcript of language proficiency test(s) (if applied)
    • The résumé and cover letter must be written in Korean.
  2. Deadline: Friday, December 3, 2021
  3. Please submit the required documents to canadahr@korea.kr. The subject of the e-mail message should be written in the form of "행정직원 지원, your name, phone number".
  4. Applications will be reviewed on Monday, December 6, 2021, and applicants who pass the review will be notified individually.

b. 2nd stage: 

Online written test on Tuesday, December 7, 2021. Applicants who pass the written test will be notified individually.

c. 3rd stage: 

Online interview on Friday, December 10, 2021.

d. The final candidate will be announced and notified on Monday, December 13, 2021. He/she will be accepted once the result is approved by the Korean Culture and Information Service.

e. The successful applicant will be required to take the position during January 2022. It can be negotiable depending on mutual agreement.

  • For required documents: Original copies must be submitted, but photocopies can be submitted online if their original copies are submitted once requested.

7. More information

  1. Inquiries will be accepted by e-mail only to canadahr@korea.kr. (Telephone and in-person inquiries will not be accepted.)
  2. Please be advised that applicants are solely responsible for any result caused by false and incorrect information and documents, or omissions.
  3. The conditions of the recruitment process may change at any time.
  4. If there is no qualified candidate, the recruitment will be suspended until further notice.
  5. If the information given by the applicant is proved false at any stage including after the signature of the contract, or if the applicant fails to obtain the satisfactory security clearance, the KCC has the right to revoke the employment contract at any time.


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