K-Lifestyle in ASEAN 2021

K-Lifestyle in ASEAN 2021

Deadline: November 9-14, 2021

K-Lifestyle in ASEAN 2021 (credit: khub.istyle.id)

Is your shopping wishlist set to check out? Wanna feel the Korean atmosphere in Jakarta?

Calling all K-Enthusiasts to get ready!

We offer you an extraordinary shopping experience with an outstanding Korean vibe and of course, an Instagrammable photo spot there!

Various fun activities await, such as photo contests and dalgona games to enjoy!

There are a lot of Korean brands in our pop-up market, visualize your makeup looks and try on our products!

Get attractive offers from your favorite K-Beauty brands with special discounts!

There are also many free gifts that you can get and don't miss the chance to get the best offer, Chingu!

Get ready, Chingu! There will be many great offers for K-Food, K-Fashion, and K-Beauty enthusiasts in Jakarta! Come and visit various participating Korean brands from food, household appliances, clothing, bags, and beauty brands that you can find at K-Lifestyle in ASEAN 2021!

There will be fun activities with our guest stars @alikaislamadina, @bandung_oppa, @tiffaniafifa, chef @daeyong_kwon, and @salirum!

Meet there, Chingu! 9 - 14 November 2021 in Laguna Atrium, Central Park Mall Jakarta

Held by KOTRA, K-Lifestyle ASEAN 2021 will not only focus on K-Beauty Friend iStyle brands but there will be K-Fashion and K-Food which are 3 aspects of this Korean trend. KOTRA Jakarta also collaborates with iStyle.id which presents various well-known Korean brands such as Marhen.J, JOA, TinyTAN, Solbyone, etc., of which there are certainly many promos for iStyle Friends.

Not only exhibitions of Korean brands, but also entertainment events such as talk shows, beauty classes, and cooking demonstrations. The K-Lifestyle event opens on November 9 – November 14, 2021, at Central Park Jakarta.

Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) is an agency established to contribute to the development of the national economy by performing work such as trade promotion, investment between domestic and foreign companies and support of industrial technology cooperation, etc. For more than 50 years, KOTRA has been serving as the bridge to close the gap between fast-growing businesses in Indonesia and Korea.

Anyway, iStyle Friends will not be bored and disappointed. Invite your relatives to Central Park Jakarta, yes, and don't miss the K-Lifestyle ASEAN 2021 event.

Digital guide book for visiting the K-Lifestyle in ASEAN 2021. Before you come and visit K-Lifestyle in ASEAN 2021, don’t forget to follow the health protocols recommended by the government. We've prepared this digital guide to making it easier for you to enter the mall. This digital guidebook belongs to you.

  • Get vaccinated! To enter the mall area comfortably and safely, you need to be vaccinated first.
  • Always wear your mask. Protect yourself by wearing the mask during activities in the venue.
  • Wash your hand regularly. Sometimes we are not aware of what we touched before.
  • Physical distancing. Keep at least a 2-meter distance from other people.


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