Kelas Online Bahasa Korea Gratis!

Kelas Online Bahasa Korea Gratis!

Deadline: As soon as possible

Kelas Online Bahasa Korea Gratis! (credit: Twitter @KTOJakarta)

Annyeong, Chingudeul ~,

Come and learn Korean interactively!!

because there will be lots of fun games during class. There are lots of exciting prizes and gadgets with a total prize of millions of rupiah!!

What are you waiting for, hurry up and register yourself at


Learn Korean through Muslim Friendly Tour


Let's take a free class to learn Korean through Muslim-friendly tours. Of course, this class will be held online and interactively, and there will be many exciting games and prizes that you can get through this class.

This class is open to the public and free, so anyone can take part in this class. Including beginners who are learning Korean for the first time. Come on, hurry up and register yourself now.


Dec 3, 2021, 02:00 PM in Jakarta


  1. Classes are limited to a maximum of 500 participants
  2. Due to the limited quota of participants, all participants are advised to enter the class (zoom event) early
  3. Access to the class (zoom event) will be closed if the number of participants in the class has reached 500 participants
  4. This online class is free and free of charge


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