Korean Ceramic Pavilion at Fine Art Asia 2021

Korean Ceramic Pavilion at Fine Art Asia 2021

Deadline: November 20, 2021

Korean Ceramic Pavilion at Fine Art Asia 2021 (credit: hk.korean-culture.org)


  1. Fine Art Asia Art Fair: 7-11 Oct 2021
  2. Exhibition at Korean Cultural Center: 15 Oct-20 Nov 2021


  1. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 3C 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong
  2. 6-7/F, Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong


  1. LEE Sangho 李相浩
  2. HA Min Ji 河珉芝
  3. KIM Hyeonjong 金鉉鍾
  4. KWON Jin Hee 權眞姬
  5. HONG Jee Eun 洪志恩
  6. LEE Young Mn 李愥䪸
  7. HAN Yong Beom 韓勇範
  8. RYU Ho Sik 柳浩植
  9. SEO Ho Seok 徐好錫
  10. CHOI Myungsik 崔明植

In collaboration with Korea Ceramic Foundation, Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong will be presenting the Korean Ceramic Pavilion booth in Fine Art Asia 2021.

Fine Art Asia is recognized as Asia’s leading fine art fair by the international art world. It is the only fair in Asia which showcases a wide range of fine arts from Asia and the West. Fine Art Asia 2021 coincides with major fine art auctions in the same venue, attracting a high-profile, sophisticated audience of dealers, collectors, curators, connoisseurs, and art lovers from every corner of the world.

The objects and artworks crafted by ten major crafts artists from Korea will be available for sale at the fair. In addition to ceramics for daily use, there will also be art objects that you can appreciate at home. After the art fair, the Korean Ceramic Pavilion will be moved to the Korean Cultural Center located at PMQ, a complex cultural space full of local crafts studios, expecting to produce synergy effects on craft development.


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