Kuesioner Wisata Olahraga Musim Dingin

Kuesioner Wisata Olahraga Musim Dingin

Deadline: Not listed

Who has been to SKI RESORT in KOREA??

There are so many winter sports activities to try for sure ~

Well, chingudeul who has experience visiting a ski resort or has an interest in winter sports, let's spill to the admin about chingudeul's opinion through the following survey forms.gle/XEAoEafeZGb1xiDL7

️ After submitting the survey, screenshot the final session of the google form and post it in the comments column facebook @Koreatourismorganizationindonesiaoffice, chingu, the admin will randomly select 10 respondents to get souvenirs!

About Survey

Hello. We are from the Korea Sports Tourism Marketing Association.

This survey was conducted to conduct research on “how to revitalize winter sports tourism.”

All answers in this survey will only be used for research purposes, and there are no right or wrong answers, so you are welcome to answer according to your opinion.

Thank you for taking your valuable time out of your busy schedule to participate in this survey.

Thank you.


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