Photo Contest with the University of Suwon

Photo Contest with the University of Suwon

Deadline: November 30, 2021

Photo Contest with the University of Suwon (credit: Ig @uswic)

The University of Suwon International College (uswic) is delighted to announce the Second Annual Photo Contest, hosted by The University of Suwon, is starting on November 15th.

The most exciting part is, we are giving out cash prizes!

This time we want you to show us your hobby, but there is one little twist 😉


Anyone who does not hold Korean nationality.


  1. Upload one picture that shows your hobby – it should be easy to understand from the picture itself.
  2. Use “수원대학교” in your picture.
  3. “수원대학교” must be visible to everyone looking at the picture.
  4. Add the famous “Squid game” elements, the shape of a triangle, a circle, and a square in your picture. (You can see them in the examples.)
  5. Follow our account @uswic
  6. Add the following hashtags to your post: #suwonuniversity #studyinkorea #scholarshipinkorea #uswic #suwongame #squidgame
  7. Like and save this post The Second Annual Photo Contest with The University of Suwon


We will select the best six photos for the following prizes:

  • One First Prize Winner - KRW 250,000
  • Two Second Prize winners – KRW 200,000
  • Three Third Prize winners – KRW 100,000

*Please note that the overseas transfer fee is included in the prize money.

Submission Deadline:

The deadline is November 30, 2021.

Other Information:

  1. The organizer (USW) reserves the right to disqualify contestants and/or revoke the prize if the contestant is ineligible or does not meet any of the criteria.
  2. Be creative with your post – it will increase your chances to win! The creativity and the quality of the photo will bring you a step closer to winning the prize!
  3. The results will be announced on December 5th on our IG page (Follow us @uswic)

Good luck


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