ASEAN-Korea XR Project

ASEAN-Korea XR Project

Deadline: December 11, 2021

ASEAN-Korea XR Project
ASEAN-Korea XR Project (credit: Ig @koveevr)

Hello everyone!!

How are you?

The quiz that had been running for a month was now only a few more times away.

We are very sad that we don't have much time left to spend with you guys.

So, for the last quiz show, we wanted to share an additional consolation prize by “post and share” to reach even more people!

The method is very easy:

1. Share Event Posts

Share this post by adding the hashtag '#aseankoreaxrproject and get one free ticket to play Beat Saber at Kovee VR Theme Park, Neo Soho Mall Jakarta, which will be drawn for 10 lucky people!

2. Final Quiz Show with a Total Prize of 3,000,000,- for the Winners!

  • 1st place will get 1.5 million rupiahs, 2nd place will get 1 million rupiahs, and 3rd place will get 500,000 rupiah
  • Be the winner of the Final Quiz Show prize by inviting your family and friends to our Live Quiz Show!

The Final Quiz Show will be held on the 'ASEAN XR Project' Facebook Page on Saturday, December 11th at 3pm WIB!

We look forward to your participation, friends!

Don't forget to take care of your health so that we are all always healthy!


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