K-Supporters 2022 KCC Hong Kong

K-Supporters 2022 KCC Hong Kong

Deadline: December 17, 2021

K-Supporters 2022 KCC Hong Kong
K-Supporters 2022 KCC Hong Kong (credit: Ig @kcchongkong)

Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong (KCCHK) is recruiting K-supporters for 2022!  K-Supporters will have the opportunity to assist in activities organized by Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong, and promote Korean culture to the Hong Kong public with us! 


14 - 17 December 2021 


20 - 24 December 2021 

Service Period:  

January - December 2021

Program starts, Appointment Ceremony: 

January 2022 

Program Ends, Certificate Presentation Ceremony: 

December 2022



Application Period: 

From today to DEC 17 HKT 23:59

*Successful applicants will receive contact on or before DEC 29.


  1. Helping with KCCHK's events
  2. VIP and visitor reception
  3. Exhibition docent service
  4. Introduce Korean culture to Hong Kong public
  5. Reflect opinions of event's participants to KCCHK


  1. Permanent Hong Kong Resident aged 18 or above
  2. Having an excellent command of Cantonese, proficiency in English/ Mandarin, knowledge of the Korean language is a plus!
  3. Be enthusiastic about Korean culture
  4. Friendly, like to meet people
  5. High time flexibility, available to take part in KCCHK's activities on weekdays or weekends


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