King Sejong Institute Video Diary Event

King Sejong Institute Video Diary Event

Deadline: December 26, 2021

 King Sejong Institute Video Diary Event (credit: Ig

Hello King Sejong CREWs!

After learning the Korean language and culture through King Sejong Institute, if you have Korea in your daily life, try making a video diary!

Introduce your favorite Korean culture, or spend a day using only Korean, making Korean food and serving it to family and friends, etc.

Please show Korea in my life naturally and watch other alumni videos. 

We will send a gift that reminds you of Korea through a lottery to those who participate in the event.

If it is selected as an excellent work, it is uploaded to the official SNS of King Sejong Institute Foundation along with special prizes ~!?

Event Period

Until December 26, 2021 (Sun)

How to participate?

Choose one of the methods below

  1. Register directly on <CREW STORY> on the King Sejong CREW official website event registration bulletin board ▶ CREW STORY:
  2. Upload it on Instagram or YouTube with hashtag #친애하는한국에게 #내가바로세종크루
  3. Submission by e-mail to


Korea is my life

★ Example 1. 

Write Korean all day: Spending the day in Korean, spending time with family/friends, eating Korean food, etc.

★ Example 2. 

Introduce the area I live in Korea: Introduce the stories you want to tell your classmates in Korean, such as major tourist destinations in your country, traditional culture, favorite places, and recent trends.


  1. Eligible $100 Amazon Gift Card (1 person)
  2. Grand Prize, Joseon Royal Light DIY Set (2 people)
  3. Excellence Award Hangeul Seal (3 people)
  4. Participation Award Korean Sweets Snack Set (first-come-first-served basis)


If you have any questions, please contact!


  • Posts uploaded by applying event hashtags are automatically included as entries, and winnings may be canceled if it is not your SNS account, a private account, or if you do not participate normally.
  • Event contents sent by e-mail will be uploaded directly by the website management team.
  • After the winner is announced, the winner will receive a gift after checking personal information on the official website along with a separate message or email.
  • The prize may be changed to another item of the same amount without prior notice due to internal circumstances, and the prize may differ from the image.


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