KOREA Quiz Event

KOREA Quiz Event

Deadline: December 23, 2021

KOREA Quiz Event
KOREA Quiz Event (credit: Fb @KoreaClickers)

Did you enjoy reading the December issue of Korea Magazine? 

For those who have gotten the chance to read through the edition, here's a simple quiz open to all. There are only two questions so it'll take less than a minute to guess and you'll get a chance to win a prize! 

Did you enjoy the December issue of <KOREA> which focused on Korea’s Playing Culture?

For those who’ve taken a glance or read-through, here’s a simple quiz open to all!

It’ll take less than a minute to guess at the two questions and possibly win a prize!

Click here to read the December issue: kocis.go.kr/eng/webzine/202112/index.html

Click the link below to take the quiz: TAKE YOUR SHOT!

Event duration

December 3, 2021 – December 23, 2021


Rewards for 43 winners

  1. Prize (1 winner): O’sulloc Secret Tea Story
  2. Prize (2 winners): Amazon USD 40 gift card
  3. Prize (40 winners): 2022 KOCIS Calendar

*Winners will be announced in the next "webzine" (online magazine) issue of KOREA magazine.


Quiz. 1

It's a Korean Folk Village where the past has been well maintained! In the Korean Folk Village, you can play a variety of traditional games. You can also play this game using four giant sticks in the Korean Folk Village. What is this game with four sticks, horses, and boards?

① Tuho  ② Yunnori  ③ Ddakjichigi  ④ Dalgona

Quiz. 2

This is one of Korea’s traditional beverages, made with ginger or cinnamon water mixed with sugar or honey. What is this beverage with a pungent and spicy flavor due to its main ingredient, cinnamon?

① Sikhye  ② Green Tea  ③ Sujeonggwa  ④ Ssanghwacha


  • Participate by clicking ‘Take your shot!’ and providing your answers to the multiple-choice questions in addition to filling in your name and email address.
  • Your participation may be canceled in case of provision of an inaccurate email address(es).
  • The above-listed reward items are subject to replacement into other items of a similar price range.


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