Korean Recipe Contest with Bob Doll

Korean Recipe Contest with Bob Doll

Deadline: January 21, 2022

Korean Recipe Contest with Bob Doll
Korean Recipe Contest with Bob Doll (credit: Ig @hansik_official)

In the fourth week of January, in commemoration of the opening of [Korean Food Culture Space Ieum], <Korean Food Recipe Contest> is now held.

Competition topic

  • I found it! My Winter Snacks: Korean Winter Snack Recipes
  • Soup, we are kanbu: Recipe for soup cooked in winter

(Choose one of the two topics, duplicate participation possible)

How to participate in the contest

  1. Post photos of food and simple recipes on Instagram, Facebook, and blog
  2. Write SNS ID or post link along with personal information on Naver questionnaire (Personal information consent required)
    • http://naver.me/GxpyoWSk
  3. #밥돌이레시피공모전 #한식진흥원 #한식문화공간이음 Tag (required)
  4. When uploading a post, authentication of the use of domestic ingredients is required (receipt photo or photo showing domestic production)

Only Korean recipes are selected for evaluation.‼️

Competition period

From 12/17 (Fri) to 1/21 (Fri)

Awards (Insta/ Facebook/ Blog in each category)

  1. 1st place - 300,000 won
  2. 2nd place - 200,000 won
  3. 3rd place - 100,000 won
  4. More than 100 likes - Korean food class experience ticket
  5. Onnuri gift certificate 10,000 won for 150 people on a first-come, first-served basis (excluding winners)

*The first prize will be paid after-tax deduction.


Korean Recipe Contest Manager 02-6320-8473

Thank you for your interest and participation.


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