Online Performance Video (Content) Contest in 2022

Online Performance Video (Content) Contest in 2022

Deadline: January 17, 2022

The Korean Cultural Center in Italy is promoting various performance projects to make it easier to spread Korean culture and art, and is also conducting performances online (Korean Cultural Center Youtube). In this regard, the video (contents) of the performance is open to the public as follows, so please participate actively. A small fee is paid for performance videos (contents) selected through screening.


  • Spread awareness of Korean cultural and artistic performances by posting performance videos (contents) (5-10 minutes) to the Korean populace in Italy through the YouTube channel of the Korean Cultural Center in Italy
  • Discovering and introducing Korean artists


  • Korean artists (cooperation with foreign artists is possible)
  • Music/Dance major
  • Professional performers and troupes
  • Non-verbal performance performer

Application period

2021.12.27 ~ 2021.01.17

How to apply

  • Email
  • Attach performance video URL or performance video file (*It is also possible to open a public performance video that has not been newly filmed)
  • A form attached to the application form is required.
  • Video and application file name: group name_performance name


  • Always posted on the YouTube channel of the Korean Cultural Center in Italy
  • Video (content) provision fee (notice separately)

Selection process

  • Submission of application form and performance video > Judging > Notification of judging results (individual contact)
  • Submit a clean copy of the performer's profile, performance details, and video within 2 weeks of notification of the screening result


  • Selection of videos (contents) that are creative or have no copyright violations
  • The purpose of this contest is to introduce Korean performances and culture to locals, so no group or work introduction video will be selected.
  • Videos that are inappropriate for the propagation of a specific religion, performances for political purposes, or other cultural centers' operating purposes will not be selected.

Attached file

Online performance video content contest in 2022.hwp


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