The 81st Test of Proficiency in Korea (TOPIK)

The 81st Test of Proficiency in Korea (TOPIK)

Deadline: February 2, 2022

The 81st Test of Proficiency in Korea (TOPIK)
The 81st Test of Proficiency in Korea (TOPIK) (credit:

[The 81st TOPIK]

The Korean Cultural Centre will be hosting the Test of Proficiency in Korean again in April!

For registration, please visit our website via linktree in bio @kcccanada or just click

  • Date: Saturday, April 9th
  • Location: Korean Cultural Centre (150 Elgin St. #101, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1L4)
  • Test Level and Time:


1. Period: Wednesday, February 2

2. How to Apply:

  1. Download the Application Package (Attached below).
  2. Complete the Application Form and the Receipt form.
  3. Submit the required documents by email or mail (specified below*):
    1. Mailing address: 150 Elgin Street, Unit 101, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1L4
      • Cheque and money order ONLY (Please DO NOT mail cash). 
    2. E-mail address:
      • In case of submitting the application form via email, you are required to pay the application fee separately by mail.
      • If you plan to mail your application closer to the deadline, you must also submit an electronic copy of your application to make sure it gets to us before the deadline.

3. Required Documents*:

  1. Application Form and Receipt Form
  2. Application Fee
  3. 1 copy of valid photo ID (E.g., Driving license, passport)
  4. 2 copies of an IDENTICAL ID photo or 1 electronic file (3mm x 40mm)
*Photo Specifications:  Same as the Canadian passport photo specifications except for the size.

4. Application Fee: 

TOPIK I $40.00; TOPIK II $50.00

  1. Payment Method: Cash, money order or cheque. (NO CASH)
  2. Cheques payable to Embassy of Korea

*Refund Policy: Full refund until 2 weeks before the exam date

5. For more information, please refer to the application package.

■   Other Inquiries: (한국어능력시험 누리집)

The terms and conditions of the test are subject to change without notice. 

Please be aware that the test may be canceled if the number of applicants does not reach the minimum requirement to run the test.

In that case, the application fee will be returned.


Tel.: 613-233-8008 



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