Deadline: March 4, 2022

DMZ TO THE SEA PHOTO CONTEST (image credit: Twitter @TheMermaidAg)

Have great pics from the past year in Korea? Submit them to this photo contest and one of them could be our next cover for DMZ to the Sea!

Humphreys United Spouses Club 


Photographs must have been taken between June 1, 2021 - March 4th, 2022

Entry Form and Photographs must be received no later than March 4th, 2021

Description of Contest

Humphreys United Spouses Club (HUSC) announces its annual photography contest. The 2022-2025 DMZ to the Sea publication will include photographic submissions that best reflect life and culture in the Republic of Korea.

HUSC members will vte on their favorite photographs and the winners will be recognized at the HUSC May luncheon. Ist place winners will receive a framed print oftheir photo, cash prize and invitation to the May Luncheon. 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive a cath prize and invitation to the May Luncheon

Contest Rules:

The DMZ to the Sea Photo Contest is open to all SOFA-status members of the military, government, industry and chilian sector.

Contestants are limited to three (3) entries and the entry must be the original work of the contestant.

An official entry form must aecompany each entry with all requested information provided

Size each image to « maximum of 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high. Images can be any size and aspect ratio as long as they adhere to these maximum width and height requirements.

Do not edit the images with image editing software. Composite graphic images and manipulated artwork are not eligible.

Digital photographs submitted with deleted or altered data files will be disqualified. We strongly encourage photographers to ensure they correctly program their digital cameras for correct DATE & TIME settings.

Submission Directions:

Entry forms and photos may be sent by email:

Photographs must have been taken on or after June I, 2021 through March 4th, 2022

Entries must be received by HUSC no later than March 4th, 2022.

Photographs will be judged based on photographic quality, composition and subject matter reflecting the theme of the DMZ to the Sea.

Winners will be notified by email at the end of March 2022. Winners will be invited to the May luncheon. Winning photographs will be posted online and used in the DMZ to the Sea, postcards, calendars, and other publications. For more information contact Any fraudulent information, act or photography will disqualify the contestant.

Photo Contest Entry Form (all information below is required to enter contest per photo)

Legal Name

Facebook Name if different)

Email Address

Phone Number

Malling Address

SOFA status (Yes/No)

Humphreys United Spouses Club Member (Yes/No)

File Name of the Digital Photo (PNG)

Title Photograph (if different)

Date Photo Taken (Month/Day/Year)

Location Where Photo Was Taken

I have read and understood the official rules governing the HUSC photography contest. I also certify that my photographic entry is my own work and that | have not altered the photograph in any way. I understand that my failure to abide by the submission requirements and rules could render me ineligible as a contestant. I hereby grant permission to HUSC and the DMZ to the Sea to publish my image on the HUSC website, social media, printed material, and other HUSC products and publications.

Contestant's Signature (required)                         Date


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