Hangul Karuta Present

Hangul Karuta Present

Deadline: January 13, 2022

Hangul Karuta Present
Hangul Karuta Present (credit: Ig @kcultureinjapan) 

Speaking of Japanese New Year's play, there is karuta!

Did you know that there is a "Hangul Karuta" that you can play while learning Korean? 

Hangul Karuta was produced by Professor Toshiyuki Kanewaka, who is also a steering committee member of King Sejong Institute of Korean Cultural Center, and I have introduced it on Instagram several times in the past.

You can learn Korean greetings and simple conversation phrases while playing karuta!

There is no doubt that it will be exciting even if you play with Korean friends as well as Korean studying friends. This time, we will present this Hangul Karuta to 10 people by lottery!

When we held a gift event last year, it was very well received, so we decided to hold it again this year! 

Hangul Karuta was provided by the bookstore "HANA" which has a booth at the Japan-Korea Exchange Festival! This is a rare product that is not normally sold to the general public, so please take this opportunity to apply!

We are waiting for your application! The "ta" of "produced" in the third line of the second photo was missing. I'm sorry!

How to apply

  1. Follow the Korean Cultural Center (@kcultureinjapan)
  2. Like this post
  3. Comment on this post

Feel free to write the content you want to see in the future related to Korean

Those who have already followed are also eligible.

How to increase the winning rate

Repost this post

Application period

January 7th (Friday) to January 13th (Thursday), 2021 23:59

Present (10 people)

Mr. Kanewaka's Hangul Greeting Karuta

Winner announcement

Announced in a post after January 14th (Friday)

Attention and request 

It has been reported that a fake account impersonating this account was contacted by DM to win the prize and was prompted to enter personal information. Personal information will always be handled by e-mail, so if you receive a suspicious DM, please delete it and report it.

Precautions (please check before applying)

  • Applications from private accounts are not eligible.
  • Presents can only be shipped within Japan.
  • If we cannot contact you, or if you cannot send the gift due to reasons such as an unknown address or moving, we may invalidate your right to win.
  • Please note that returns and exchanges are not possible.
  • The personal information provided will be used only for sending gifts.
  • You can only apply once per person.
  • If the follow-up is not followed at the time of the winning announcement, the winning will be canceled.


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