Recruitment of Friends of Korea

Recruitment of Friends of Korea

Deadline: February 15, 2022

Recruitment of Friends of Korea
Recruitment of Friends of Korea (image credit:


1. Definition of Inaccuracy

Inaccuracy regarding South Korea that was produced overseas

  • Inaccuracy that is different from objective facts
  • Inaccuracy that deliberately distorts facts
  • Absence of information regarding S. Korea

2. Report


Covering 11 languages (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Bahasa Indonesia}

Reporter KOCIS KOCIS/ Korean Cultural Centers
Identifying and reporting inaccuracies Reviewing the report Correcting effort
- Sending official letters
- Producing and distributing educational material
Checking the results of correction efforts (email. text, etc.) Explaining and monitoring the results (maximum 2 years)

3. Research

Articles by foreign media outlets

  • Inaccuracies regarding facts as well as national images
  • S Korea related subjects that are expected to be covered many times e.g. Bong Joon-ho winning cars Kore’ traditional culture io, air, te)

General information posted on websites of overseas government agencies and international organizations

  • General information regarding S. Korea posted on websites of public institutions of major countries and international organizations
  • Outdated statisiosregaréng population, economy, society, etc.

Project research

  • Articles posted on influential websites for the general public
  • Major foreign defines (2020), Major foreign travel agencies (2021)

Regional Patterns of Inaccuracies

East Asia Region

inaccuracies from the mistranslation of Korean culture

  • Spelling or origin of Desksugung Place, Gwanghwarun Gate, etc. Schedules of AREX, opening hours of tourist sports, etc.
  • China jeogori (Hanbok), notto jjigae (Cheonggukjang)

Southeast Asia Region

Inaccuracies from an incorrect explanation of Korean wave and Korean culture

Confusing doenjang with chunjang, describing makgeolli as a type of milk, explaining doenjang is an ingredient of hooteok, etc.

The taboo of eating alone in the past, the tradition of eating with bare hands, etc.

European Region

Inaccuracies from confusing cultures of Korea with other Asian nations

  • Using of taekwondoka, dojo, tatami, etc. Explaining S. Korea's tea culture as Gongfu (a Chinese tea ceremony)
  • Misspelling Panmunjom, Pyeongchang, Busan, etc. Inaccurate statistics of Seoul's population

Middle East Region

Inaccuracies from writing Korean words with the Arabic alphabet, confusing S. Korea with N. Korea

 Misspelling Panmunjom, Daegu, Gyeongju, Gyeongbokgung Palace, etc.

Describing S. Korea with photos of N. Korea

Cases of correction

  • Qatar's media outlet "A": Sea of Japan > East Sea
  • Mexico's media outlet "B": Takeshima > Dokdo
  • Vietnam's media outlet "C": Using the wrong image of Taegeukgi
  • Indonesia media outlet "D": Describing to traditional Korean house with Tatami


1. History

  • 2013.8 1st Global Monitoring Team
  • 2016.9 Launch of FACTS:KOREA
  • 20182 Renamed "FRIENDS OF KOREA"
  • 2021 13th FRIENDS OF KOREA. 431 members from 1st FIENDS OF KOREA have identified around 9.000 inaccuracies!

2. Recruitment

Major works 

  • Reporting inaccuracies
  • Promoting Korean culture

Recruiting season/ benefits 

  • Every February or March
  • Selection criteria
  • KOCIS issued a certificate of FRIENDS OF KOREA and rewards for excellent members

Selection criteria

  • Basic knowledge of culture, sports, and tourism, and understanding of the organization's goal and work
  • Foreign language skis

3. Photos

  • Clip 
  • Virtual launching ceremony

Recruitment announcement

Introduction to Korea

Culture Physical Education Sightseeing Department of Foreign Culture Promotion Agency operates the right information and beautiful culture of the Republic of Korea and the 'Korea Immediate Notice' and 'Korea Right Notification Service' to inform the world around the world. Hold the Korean-related errors in foreign countries, and I hope to support many of those who want to work to enhance national images.

Selection schedule

  • (Recruitment period) 2022. 1. 21. (Fri) ~ 2. 15. (Tue) 5 pm
  • (Significant announcement) 2022. 3. 4. (Fri)
    • Confirmation in Korea's Direct Notification Service 'Notice' and 'Support and Results'
    • Send an individual email to the successful person
  • (Elementary and Education) 2022. 3. 17. (Thu), Online Platform Zoom Usage
    • Real-time online participation (Cancel acceptance when not absent)

Recruitment and selection

  • 70 people (starter)
  • (Activity period) 2022. 3. 17. (Thursday) ~ 12. 31. (Sat) / about 9.5 months
  • (qualifications) Only 18 years of age and other residents in Korea and foreigners as a foreigner as a foreign language,

<Detailed Requirements for Eligibility>

  • Koreans and foreigners over the age of 18 living in Korea and abroad
  • A person who uses Korean and foreign languages to report errors related to Korea in foreign media and conducts online/offline cultural promotion to inform foreigners of correct information about Korea (If the native language is not Korean, those who can speak Korean at a level that can be used as a member)
  • Those with basic knowledge related to Korea, such as culture, sports, and tourism
  • A person who understands the purpose of the Baro Alert Group continues to act responsibly, and actively participates in the promotion of the Baro Alert Group (creation of activity content, etc.)

How to support

  • Immediate notification service ( After registering as a member, log in → Click the ‘Application and Check Results’ menu in the ‘Korea Baro Alert Team’ menu → Click the 14th Recruitment Announcement Banner → Fill out and submit the application form
  • The 'Supporter' button is enabled, and support is completed, and the application, which is a temporary storage status until the deadline, does not assume that the application
  • Korea Immediate Notification Service Server Time Standard Submitted Application for Completed Applications

Support Contact

Main activity

  • (Error Report) Report Korean related errors in Korean
  • (Cultural Publicity) Foreigner target on. Offline Korean Cultural Promotion Planning and Proceeding
  • (Immediately notified promotion) Activity-related content (photos, videos) Production. Publish-self-introduction video, just very alert and active video interviews

Activities Benefits

  • Support and activity data cards issued
  • Excellent actors destination overseas cultural promotion director who listed and awarded injuries
  • Participation 1365 Volunteer Portal Performance and recognized immediately issue the notification in accordance with the confirmation stage activities
  • Overseas Culture and Information Service hosted a major cultural event invitation

Promotion Work


Explaining of inaccuracies, S, Korea-related information, and FRIENDS OF KOREA

Social Media

Operating Facebook ( and Instagram (factsabout_korea) and YouTube channel (FACTS:KOREA 한국바로알림서비스)

Promotional content

Card News about inaccuracy cases (4 times a month) and Social media events (once a month). Clips for promoting correct information of S. Korea starring influencers and reference materials of relevant agencies

How to join FACTS:KOREA

Promoting correct information of South Korea, Please join us!

Q. I found an inaccuracy about South Korea.

A. Take a screenshot of the webpage and report it to FACTS:KOREA. You can check the result of your report on FACTS:KOREA’s webpage.

Q. I want to know more about South Korea and its culture.

A. You can learn about South Korea's culture and find overseas inaccuracy cases regarding South Korea on FACTS:KOREA webpage

Q. I want to participate in the work of FACTS: KOREA!

A. Please participate in FRIENDS OF KOREA You can work with people from different countries and in all age groups in finding misinformation ‘about South Korea and promoting the publication of corrected information.

Scan this QR code for more information about FACTS: KOREA in the picture. 


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