Shopee Korea Ambassador Program Winter 2022

Shopee Korea Ambassador Program Winter 2022

Deadline: As soon as possible

Shopee Korea Ambassador Program Winter 2022
Shopee Korea Ambassador Program Winter 2022 (credit: Ig @shopeekr_ambassador)

Ever dreamed of being an influencer but don’t know where to begin?

Want to try out the newest Korean products for free?

What about becoming part of the Southeast Asian (SEA) network in Korea?

Want to try out the newest Korean products for free?

Hello everyone! The applications for the Shopee Korea Winter Ambassador program are officially open! 

Hello future ambassador! Slide right to read more about how to be the next influencer in the Shopee Korea Ambassador Program, and fill out the Google application form to apply!

If you have any questions, leave us a message via DM or email.

The Shopee Korea Ambassador Program was created for the SEA community living in Korea, offering the opportunity to be an influencer and receive popular Korean products for free.

How to Apply: 

  1. Sign up by clicking the link in our @shopeekr_ambassador account’s bio or check our “How to Apply” post on our @shopeekr_ambassador account feed or just click this link
  2. Begin filling out the form
  3. Once you're all done, submit your application. You'll see a message like this: 
    • You're all set! We'll send an email soon to finalists for Shopee Ambassador program. Keep an eye open on your inbox, and hopefully, we'll see you very soon!


  • Receive Free Korean brands products every month
  • Win additional gifts or prizes for best ambassadors/ reviewers

All you need to do is:

  1. Apply through the link in our IG bio.
  2. Receive an admission letter from us.
  3. Post product reviews on your social medial


  • Of SEA* descent/ previously resided in Southeast Asia/ etc. (contact us if you're not sure!)
  • On social media
  • Currently living in Korea
  • Eligible and open to receiving and posting about products

*Malaysia, Singapore, Philipines, Vietnam, Taiwan

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you need a lot of followers to join?
    • No! You just need to be a passionate person who's online, from SEA, and living in Korea!
  • I'm not in Korea, can I join?
    • Unfortunately, the Korea program is currently only looking for those who are living in Korea. Both temporary and permanent residents are welcome! We hope to expand the program to the countries, or the country you're staying in may already have a Shopee Ambassador program of its own!
  • Is it hard to be an ambassador?
    • No! All you need to do is post a review of the product on your social media! We send out guidelines for every product to help you out! Also, questions are welcome, always.
  • Which companies can we expect to partner with?
    • Check out our previous posts or our 'Previous Partners' post on our feed!
  • How many frequently do we have to post?
    • That's completely up to you! Choose fro either twice or three times a month. This can also change anytime during the program, just let us know!
  • I'm in! Where do we sign up?
    • Check out our 'How to Apply' post on our feed, and look for the application link in our bio! We hope to see you all very soon future ambassadors!

Previous Partners

Just in case you're curious...

Here are just a few of the partners of the brands that our ambassadors have worked with that you might be familiar with!

  1. COSRX
  2. Ma:nyo
  3. GRAFEN (for men)
  4. Intake
  5. 3CE
  6. Actplus
  7. Mmlg
  8. And so many more

Applicants! before you apply make sure: 

  1. You un-private your account. How will we learn more about you? Plus public accounts will have a higher priority in application reviews. 
  2. All info on your application is correct. A mistake and your sponsorship parcel may get lost trying to arrive home to you! 
  3. You're ready to wait! We're so excited to have some of you join us ASAP, but reviewing applications may take sometime. Please expect finalist emails early to mid-January.


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