SNS event with 'Ghost 9'

SNS event with 'Ghost 9'

Deadline: March 31, 2022
Deadline: January 31, 2022

SNS event with 'Ghost 9'
SNS event with 'Ghost 9' (credit: Ig @kccthailand)

Let's come. Today admin has a fun activity for everyone to enjoy easily with a Korean boy band that has Thai people as members 🇹🇭🇰🇷 It can be called a new band that is worth watching. so much They debuted in September of last year with GHOST9.

Come join the fun and tell them your love for them with this activity.

SNS event with 'Ghost 9'

'Ghost 9', which debuted in September 2020, is a 7-member K-pop group consisting of 6 Korean members and 1 Thai member. The team name 'Ghost 9' has the meaning of 'Boys with a strong sense of adventure will deliver comfort and hope to friends around the world'. In anticipation of the performance of Ghost 9, we have prepared an SNS event where you can have fun participating in the Cultural Center!

How to participate

The rules of play are simple, just you 

  1. Follow the Cultural Center page, like the pos and Share this post and make it public.
  2. Write the name and reason of your favorite Ghost 9 member in the comment and attach the captured photo you followed.
  3. Share your post on your personal Facebook or Instagram

*Required to switch to a public account

Opinions that are pleasing to receive. Album “NOW: Who we are facing” signed by GHOST 9, 3 prizes.

Participation period: January 19-31, 2022 24:00

The 3 people who left the most interesting comments will be selected by lot and will receive an autographed album of Ghost 9 <NOW: Who we are facing>.

Who is your favorite member? Please leave a comment! So who is your favorite Maine? Don't forget to comment and tell me. Their albums and autographs are waiting for you.

Please participate in the event a lot, and please support the Korean idol group Ghost 9!


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