The 23rd ASEAN-Korea Center Blog Reporters

The 23rd ASEAN-Korea Center Blog Reporters

Deadline: February 18, 2022

The 23rd ASEAN-Korea Center Blog Reporters
The 23rd ASEAN-Korea Center Blog Reporters (image credit: Ig @asean_korea_center)

Announcement Recruitment for the 23rd ASEAN-Korea Center Blog Reporters

The ASEAN-Korea Center is recruiting the 23rd blog reporters.

We hope for your support from those who want to discover and widely introduce various contents (culture, society, economy, diplomacy, etc.) on ASEAN and Korea-ASEAN relations.

We are recruiting the 23rd Blog Reporters of the ASEAN-Korea Centre.

If you are interested in writing about ASEAN and ASEAN-Korea relations, participating in various events hosted by the AKC, or finding and developing a variety of content about ASEAN, this is an opportunity for you to do it with us!

  • The ASEAN-Korea Center is an international organization established in March 2009 to expand exchanges and cooperation between Korea and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member countries.
  • ASEAN member countries consist of 10 countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  • ASEAN-Korea Center official blog:

1. Recruitment target

  • University (graduate) students and the general public interested in ASEAN
  • Those who can write articles related to ASEAN and ASEAN-Korea Center activities at least twice a month
  • Those who can edit various types of content such as text, photos, and videos
  • Those with experience as a public institution blog reporter are preferred

2. Activity period

  • 2022. 03. 02. ~ 2022. 12. 30. (10 months)

3. Number of people selected

  • Korean reporters: 10 to 12 people
  • English reporters: 3-4 people

4. Documents to be submitted

  • Korean application form (refer to the attached form) 1 copy: for submission of Korean press group applicants
  • One copy of the English application form (refer to the attached form): for submission of applicants from the English press group
  • 1 copy of the personal information collection agreement

5. Application period

  • 2022.2.4 (Fri) ~ 2022.2.18 (Fri)

6. How to apply

  • Fill out the attached application form and consent form for personal information collection and submit it by email (
  • Fill out the appropriate application form for the group of reporters you wish to apply for (Korean/English)
  • File names should be submitted in the form of ‘23rd Reporters Team_Application_Name.docx’ and ‘23rd Reporters Group_Consent_Name.docx'

7. Admission Schedule

  • Announcement of successful applicants: Individual notification of successful applicants during the third week of February 2022
    • To be notified of the completion of notification of successful applicants through the ASEAN-Korea Center SNS channel
  • Successful candidates orientation (online): February 25 (Fri)
    • Successful applicants must participate in orientation

8. Reporters' work

  • Write blog articles related to ASEAN and ASEAN-Korea Center activities at least twice a month
    • Article writing scope
      • Introduction of events hosted by the ASEAN-Korea Center
      • Articles dealing with various economic, cultural, and social issues in ASEAN in a fun way
      • Articles about ASEAN travel destinations that you have visited or would like to share
      • Introduction of special events or forums dealing with ASEAN
      • Planning articles commissioned by other centers
  • Contribute to PR activities by activating the center blog and SNS platform

9. Press Corps Benefits

  • Payment of manuscript fee
  • Issuance of business cards for activities for more than 3 months and issuance of certificates of completion after completion of activities
  • Share opinions and feedback through Writers’ lunch
  • Participation in events hosted by the ASEAN-Korea Center in Korea (ASEAN Week, tourism fair, etc.)

10. Contact Us

  • ASEAN-Korea Center Information and Data Bureau 8th floor, Press Center, 124 Sejong-aero (Taepyeong-to 1-ga), Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Tel: (02) 2287-1146
  • E-mail:
  • Blog:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:

11.  Attachments


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