KCC India Local Korean Teacher Recruitment

KCC India Local Korean Teacher Recruitment

Deadline: February 9, 2022
Source: india.korean-culture.org

KCC India Local Korean Teacher Recruitment
KCC India Local Korean Teacher Recruitment (image credit: india.korean-culture.org)

Korean Cultural Centre (KCC) India Local Korean Teacher Recruitment

Korean Cultural Centre India is recruiting well-educated Korean teachers to teach Korean at King Sejong Institute and Indian schools. The details for the same are as follows:

1. Qualifications: 

A person who meets one or more of the following requirements as a legal resident in Delhi-NCR, India, and one who is available to do both offline and online classes.

  • One who has a Korean language teacher’s license.
  • One who has completed the Korean language teacher training course.
  • One who has a bachelor's degree or higher) in language education and has at least one year of experience in Korean language education (a recognized institution by the National Institute of Korean Language)

2. Number of people to be selected: 

A few Koreans or Indians.

3. Working conditions:

  • Class timings: The class timings will be allocated according to the class plan. (Monday to Friday: Weekday class / Saturday, Sunday: Weekend class)
  • Contract Period: The contract will be made every year - One year contract (which may be changed according to the semester of King Sejong Institute or the Indian School)
  • Salary: It will be based upon the Korean Language Teachers' Salary Standard of Korean Cultural Centre India.
  • Classes starting date: March 2022 at King Sejong Institute / April 2022 at Indian School

4. Documents required to apply:

  • Resume (which includes the self-introduction): There is no specific format in which the resume is to be written. The applicant is free to write down their resume in any form they want.
    1. They may or may not include the school they went to or where they are originally from.
    2. They must include their studies or work experience related to Korean Language teaching.
  • Copy of the documentary evidence related to their degree and certification.
  • The application shall be canceled if the contents which are submitted have any discrepancies with the facts.

5. Recruitment procedure: 

After receiving the application, notice related to the schedule of the second round (interview) and pilot lecture for the selected applicant will be announced,

  • All primary documents can only be received by e-mail.
  • Email ID: education@koreanculture.in
  • When submitting the documents, the subject of the email should be written as "Application for Korean Language Teacher (Name), Korean Cultural Centre India."
  • Application duration: 2022.2.1 (Tue) ~ 2.9 (Wed)
  • Pilot lecture duration: 2022.2.14 (Mon) ~ 2.16 (Wed) from 10:00 am

* If there is no qualified person, no one shall be selected.

6. Inquiries: 

Education Team, Korean Cultural Centre India.

  • Phone number: 91-11-4334-5041
  • Address: Korean Cultural Centre India, 25A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi


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