Korean Book Club - 'Lemon' by Kwon Yeo-sun

Korean Book Club - 'Lemon' by Kwon Yeo-sun

Deadline: February 14, 2022
Source: brussels.korean-culture.org, instagram.com/koreanculturebrussels

Korean Book Club - 'Lemon' by Kwon Yeo-sun
Korean Book Club - 'Lemon' by Kwon Yeo-sun (image credit: brussels.korean-culture.org)

Discover Korean literature and explore its various themes in KCC's monthly Korean Book Club.


For our first book club of the year, this month we are going to discuss the novel ‘Lemon’ by Kwon Yeo-sun.  

'Parasite' meets 'The Good Son' in this piercing psychological portrait of three women haunted by a brutal, unsolved crime.  

About the book- ‘Lemon’

This is not a murder story. It is the story of those left behind.

Parasite meets The Good Son in this piercing psychological portrait of three women haunted by a brutal, unsolved crime.

In the summer of 2002, nineteen-year-old Kim Hae-on was murdered in what became known as the High School Beauty Murder. There were two suspects: Shin Jeongjun, who had a rock-solid alibi, and Han Manu, to whom no evidence could be pinned. The case went cold. 

Seventeen years pass without justice, and the grief and uncertainty take a cruel toll on her younger sister, Da-on, in particular. Unable to move on with her life, Da-on tries in her own twisted way to recover some of what she's lost, ultimately setting out to find the truth of what happened. 

Shifting between the perspectives of Da-on and two of Hae-on's classmates struck in different ways by her otherworldly beauty, Lemon ostensibly takes the shape of a crime novel. But identifying the perpetrator is not the main objective here: Kwon Yeo-sun uses this well-worn form to craft a searing, timely exploration of privilege, jealousy, trauma, and how we live with the wrongs we have endured and inflicted in turn. 

'Discovering whodunnit isn't really the point here; Lemon is a subtle, often intense meditation on the after-effects of violence' Guardian.

'Chilling, suspenseful, and disconcerting... I couldn't put it down and read deep into the night until I finished it, with my heart hammering' Frances Cha, author of If I Had Your Face

'Highly original... Once I finished it, much of it slipped into my subconscious' Daily Telegraph

About the Author – Kwon Yeo-sun

Kwon Yeo-sun is an award-winning Korean writer. She has won the Sangsang Literary Award, Oh Yeongsu Literature Award, Yi Sang Literary Prize, Hankook Ilbo Literary Award, Tong-ni Literature Prize, and Lee Hyo-seok Literary Award. Lemon is her first novel to be published in the English language.

About the translator – Janet Hong

Janet Hong is a writer and translator based in Vancouver, Canada. She received the TA First Translation Prize and the LTI Korea Translation Award for her translation of Han Yujoo's The Impossible Fairy Tale, which was also a finalist for both the 2018 PEN Translation Prize and the National Translation Award. Her recent translations include Ha Seong-nan's Bluebeard's First Wife, Ancco's Nineteen, and Keum Suk Gendry-Kim's Grass.

COVID-19 measures

  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory 
  • Please disinfect your hands with anti-bacterial hand gel when you enter the KCC.

Apply for our book club and pick up a copy of ‘Lemon'!  

  • Language: English  
  • Date: Thursday, March 3, 2022, 19.00 - 21.00  
  • Venue: Korean Cultural Center Brussels 
  • Free - Application is necessary since places are limited  
  • Application deadline: Monday, February 14, 2022
  • More info/ application: see link in bio @koreanculturebrussels. CLICK HERE to apply for the book club through this Google form 
  • The applicants who will be able to attend this session will be randomly drawn and will be contacted through e-mail on Tuesday, February 15. (Please, do not forget to check your spam box!) 
  • Once they have received their confirmation e-mail, they will be able to pick up a copy of the book. 


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