Supporters "ASEAN Cinephile"

Supporters "ASEAN Cinephile"

Deadline: March 13, 2022

Supporters "ASEAN Cinephile"
Supporters "ASEAN Cinephile" (image credit: Ig @aseanculturehouse)

ASEAN Cultural Center ASEAN-Themed Film Screening <ASEAN Odyssey> Supporters "ASEAN Cinephile" Application

Through the ASEAN-themed film screening <ASEAN Odyssey>

Supporters who can experience various cultures of the ASEAN region, We are recruiting ASEAN cinephiles!

From March 19 (Sat) to October 23 (Sun), we are recruiting supporters, 'ASEAN Cinephiles', who can experience various cultures in the ASEAN region through the ASEAN-themed film screening 'ASEAN Odyssey' held at the ASEAN Cultural Center. 



Registration period

2022.02.18 (Fri) - 2022.03.13 (Sun)

*is a required item.

Link Registration

Recruitment Overview

  1. Recruitment period: February 18 (Fri), 2022 ~ March 13 (Sun), 2022, midnight
  2. Target
    • Anyone who likes ASEAN movies and culture
    • Those who are active in the Naver blog and various SNS activities and can create content well
  3. Number of Recruitment: Up to 12
  4. How to apply: Fill out and submit the Naver form
  5. Selection and Schedule
    • Announcement: March 15 (Tuesday), individual contact (text and email)
    • OT and inauguration ceremony: March 18 (Fri), activity schedule and supporters benefits introduction
    • Closing Ceremony: Scheduled for October 29 (Sun)
  6. Location: ASEAN Cultural Center, Haeundae-gu, Busan

Privileges and Activities

  1. Free viewing of all parts during the event period!
    • Required to watch at least 10 out of 17 screened films
  2. You can attend the entire program during the event period!
    • Required to attend at least 3 out of 4 programs
  3. ASEAN Cultural Center Supporters Certificate Payment
    • When the number of movie viewings and program attendance is met, the ASEAN Cultural Center supporters certificate is provided.
  4. After watching a movie or attending a program, upload your review through SNS!
    • ※The best/excellent performers will be selected
    • Best performer (1 person): 100,000 won book gift certificate
    • Outstanding performers (3 people): 50,000 won book vouchers


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