The 32nd & The 33rd AKS Summer Program for International Students

The 32nd & The 33rd AKS Summer Program for International Students

Deadline: March 4, 2022

The Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) is pleased to announce the "32nd & 33rd AKS Summer Program for International Students." As an important part of our mission is to cultivate young leaders, who can contribute to the development of Korean studies, the academy has organized an intensive summer program for international undergraduate students in Korean studies. This program is composed of various components, such as special lectures on Korea, intensive Korean language courses, field trips, excursions, and traditional cultural activities. Since its starting in 1993, we held the program 31 times and 908 students from over 70 countries attended the program.

In 2021, in light of the COVID-19 situation, real-time Korean language classes and special lectures on Korean studies were conducted online and received positive comments from participants. The COVID-19 situation is expected to continue in 2022; thus, the program will be conducted in the same way (online) as in 2021.

If you want to participate in an AKS Summer Program for International Students that will be held twice online during summer vacation, please refer to the following and apply.

(* Please choose one that is more convenient for you. You CANNOT select both.)

Program Period

  1. The 32nd: July 4 (Mon) – July 22 (Fri), 2022, 3 weeks
  2. The 33rd: August 8 (Mon) – August 26 (Fri), 2022, 3 weeks

Language of the Program


※All programs will be in Korean. Therefore the participants are recommended to possess basic Korean language skills.

Eligibility and Required Documents

1. Eligibility

Undergraduate students of the second year or above from universities abroad who are majoring or minoring in Korean Studies and/or those who took Korea-related courses from their universities.

※Those who are in graduate school or hold Korean nationality are not eligible for this program.

※For those who took Korea-related courses, the course names should be specified in the transcript.

※If the applicant’s university does not offer Korean Studies major or Korea-related courses, a Korean language institute certificate can be substituted for a university transcript.

2. Required Documents

  1. Application form
  2. Certificate of Enrollment
  3. Official University Transcripts
  4. “Korean Proficiency Evaluation Sheet” included in the application form (No.7)
  5. (Optional) One Certificate related to Korean language education. TOPIK (Korean Proficiency Test) Score Report, Level 3 or higher OR a Certificate of Completion of a Korean language educational program

※All documents should be written in Korean or English. If not, translation of the document into Korean or English should be submitted as well.

Application Period

February 7 (Mon) – March 4 (Fri), 2022, 5PM (Korea Standard Time)

※Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Application Method

Through the official website of the Academy of Korean Studies

Notification of the Acceptance

The result will be announced individually via e-mail on April 1 (Fri), 2022. 


Ms. Rihee Kim, Ms. Jung-Joo Kim (Program Coordinators)

  • Phone: +82-31-739-9715, 9714
  • E-mail: 

한국어 능력 평가표(Korean Proficiency Evaluation Sheet)

*한국어 또는 한국 관련 전공자 담당 교수 (강사)님이 작성하시는 표입니다.

Indicate applicant’s level of the Korean language proficiency evaluated by a professor/lecturer in Korean language or Korea-related courses of student’s university.

언어 (Language) 분야 (Section) 수준 (Level)
회화 (Speaking) □ Native □ Excellent □ Good □ Fair □ Poor
독해 (Reading) □ Native □ Excellent □ Good □ Fair □ Poor
작문 (Writing) □ Native □ Excellent □ Good □ Fair □ Poor
청해 (Listening) □ Native □ Excellent □ Good □ Fair □ Poor

*평가자 정보 (Information of the Evaluator)

이름 (Name)
소속 (Affiliation) 직위 (Position)
주소 (Address)
전화번호 (Telephone) 이메일(E-mail)
본인은 지원자의 한국어 능력을 평가하였음을 확인합니다.
I confirm evaluating the applicant for his/her Korean proficiency.
날짜(Date): 서명(Signature):


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