Honorary Reporters 2022

Honorary Reporters 2022

Deadline: April 17, 2022
Source: korea.net

Honorary Reporters 2022 (image credit: korea.net)

Join the Honorary Reporters team in 2022!

The Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS) of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2022 is seeking Honorary Reporters for Korea.net to promote Korea to the world. We seek foreign nationals abroad to produce various Korea-related content to help the world learn more about all things Korean.

1. Qualifications

  • Non-Korean national highly interested in and passionate about Korea
  • Active users of social media like Instagram, Facebook, Weibo, and YouTube
  • Able to generate quality content* in one of the following languages: English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian

*Content can be in any format including written article, photo, video or illustration

2. Activities*

  • Period: May 2022 ~ May 2023 (Previous HR’s extension is possible)
  • Write Korea.net articles about a wide range of Korean related topics
  • Produce and promote YouTube videos and/or social media content related to Korea
  • Invitation to participate in KOCIS-run events or programs with related organizations

*Successful applicants to receive detailed guidelines later

3. Benefits

  • Small honorarium for those who produce superior work
  • Small gifts for those deemed outstanding
  • Participate in programs related to Korean culture
  • Possibility of participating in the creation of Korea.net content like articles and video
  • Official letter of appointment (PDF file via Email)

4. Application

*Current members must re-apply to continue the activities as an Honorary Reporter!

5. Schedule

  • Application period: March 28, 2022 - April 17, 2022
  • Announcement: via email notification
  • Launching ceremony*: May 2022

*Only selected candidates to receive notice


Hi guys,,, As we are unable to reply to you one by one, we've prepared a quick FAQ notes for you all. Hope I covered most of the questions so far and hope this note help out many!

※ I will upload this on my personal post too to make it easy to share with others. It would be helpful if you could share them with those outside this group page! Thx!

Q. I filled out the registration page but the "Sign up" button won't register.

A. Please check the "TOPIK Score" column and input numbers only after selecting your level. If you have not taken TOPIK, leave the column completely blank (including no space).

Q. Do I have to fill out every column?

A. No. Skip the optional columns – fluency in Korean, TOPIK score, visit to Korea and KakaoTalk ID – if they do not apply to you.

Q: I am not receiving a verification code.

A. Certain email domains might automatically block the verification email containing the code. If this problem persists, please try another email address for registration purposes like Gmail or Hotmail.

Q. The verification code is not working.


  1. Please make sure that you clicked the send button only ONCE and that you used the MOST RECENT verification code received or will get. A slight time gap results after you send the code, so please be patient.
  2. Typing in the code is recommended rather than copying and pasting it. If you do copy and paste, make sure to leave no space at the end of the code.
  3. Please know the difference between lowercase L (l) and uppercase i (I) in the verification code due to their similar appearance.

Q. I am or was formerly a member of Honorary Reporters. Must I register as a "new" member?

A. Yes. Korea.net is rolling out a new website for Honorary Reporters, so all previous members need to register like newcomers do. Please check the "Year of entry into program" on the registration page.

Q. I completed registration. Is there a login page?

A. The login page is not yet open, so please wait until the end of the registration period. Korea.net will alert you of the results and further procedures via email.

Q. I have no passport or the name on my passport is not in English.

A. In this case, please input your legal name in English. Nicknames are not allowed.

Q. Can I use the email address that I used on the Talk Talk Korea website?

A. Yes, as long as you have not used the address on the new site.

* For a quicker and more accurate response, please contact Korea.net via the email addresses below instead of the Honorary Reporter managers.

General questions:


Questions for a language service:

  • English: honoraryreporter.eng@gmail.com
  • French: honoraryreporter.fr@gmail.com
  • Spanish: honoraryreporter.es@gmail.com
  • Vietnamese: honoraryreporter.vi@gmail.com
  • German: honoraryreporter.de@gmail.com
  • Russian: honoraryreporter.ru@gmail.com
  • Arabic: honoraryreporter.ar@gmail.com
  • Japanese: honoraryreporter.jp@gmail.com
  • Chinese: 3627534020@qq.com
  • Indonesian: honoraryreporter.id@gmail.com

Technical support:



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