KCCI Taekwondo Classes

KCCI Taekwondo Classes

Deadline: March 20, 2022
Source: india.korean-culture.org

KCCI Taekwondo Classes
KCCI Taekwondo Classes (image credit: india.korean-culture.org)

Korean Cultural Centre India is delighted to announce the opening of free offline KCCI Taekwondo Classes starting from 1st April 2022, to be held at Korean Cultural Centre India.

Application period: 

14th March, Monday – 20th March 2022, Sunday.


If you want to apply for the Taekwondo Classes, please go through the following details thoroughly:

  1. The Taekwondo classes will have three batches based on the age group of the applicant:
    1. Junior A: ages 15 and below. Time: 3:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM.
    2. Junior B: ages 15 and below. Time: 4:30 PM ~ 5:30 PM.
    3. Senior: ages 15+. Time: 6:00 PM ~ 7:30 PM.
  2. Duration and Days:
    1. Classes Duration: 1st April 2022 ~ 30th June 2022.
    2. Days: Monday to Friday.
  3. Seat limitation:
    1. Minimum no. of seats needed to open one batch: 10
    2. Maximum no. of seats in one batch: 20
    3. The applicants will get a seat in the desired Taekwondo batch based on the first-come, first-serve principle.
  4. The form links will be active from 14th March 2022 (Monday), 9:00 a.m. to 20th March 2022 (Sunday), 5:00 p.m. The forms will automatically close once the seats are full. This means that the registration can be completed before the due date, which is 20th March, if the seats get full. The registration form links are provided below:
  5. Sl. No. Batch Link
    1. Junior A: ages 15 and below
    (Time: 3:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM)
    2. Junior B: ages 15 and below
    (Time: 4:30 PM ~ 5:30 PM)
    3. Senior: ages 15+
    (Time: 6:00 PM ~ 7:30 PM)
  6. Tuition fees for the classes: Free of cost.
  7. Cost of the uniform: Rs. 1600/- (The Taekwondo uniform will have the KCCI logo on it. If you happen to have the KCCI Taekwondo uniform, then you may choose not to buy the uniform again).
  8. Mode: Offline.

All the successful applicants who do not own the KCCI Taekwondo uniform will be notified about the uniform payment procedure via an email sent by Korean Cultural Centre India on 21st March 2022. So, we would request all the applicants to check their email IDs on 21st March for the payment details.


  • If one has filled the application form but fails to make the payment till the due date, their application will be considered CANCELLED.
  • If there is a discrepancy in the data filled in the application form with the information, we receive in the payment forms (will be sent later to the successful applicants), then that applicant’s application will be canceled.­


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