2022 WOWKOREA Supporters

2022 WOWKOREA Supporters

Deadline: April 14, 2022
Source: facebook.com/wowkoreasupporters

2022 WOWKOREA Supporters
2022 WOWKOREA Supporters (image credit: Fb @wowkoreasupporters)

2022 WOWKOREA Supporters Recruitment

<WOWKOREA> Asia Middle East supporters is a travel promotion team, that travels all over Korea, discovers their own travel courses in Korea, and introduces them through their SNS accounts

Participants are appointed as supporters of the Korea Tourism Organisation for 1 year. Through activities that introduce various tourist destinations in Korea, participants can understand true Korean culture and further can grow as Korean travel experts. 

Best Korea Tourism Ambassador program

WOWKOREA is looking for new supporters!

If you are from Southeast Asia or The Middle East

If you are talented, active, and love to travel and share your memories with others

We are waiting for you!

Let's start a new journey this year together & be the member of WOWKOREA SUPPORTERS and

  • Explore Korea with foreign friends
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Show your charming Korea to others 
  • Make the dream of becoming the next social media celebrity come true.

[Wanna apply?]

Share this posting on your social media channel (Open to the public@)

Visit the link and follow the steps: https://forms.gle/MirKfSeFGny1GCYT9 or use the Qr code

This event is for foreigners residing in South Korea 


QNC Agency

  • email : koreamd@qncagency.com
  • kakaotalk : shorttam
  • instagram : @gun_ivers

[Required confirm information]

  1. Participation in the launching ceremony is required
    • If you fail to attend the supporters' launching ceremony, you may be excluded from the list of candidates even after the supporters' selection is decided.
    • The supporters' launching ceremony is scheduled for the 29 or 30 of April
  2. Supporter's mission attendance
    • In this program, there are 4 field trips and more than 10 group missions.
    • In the case of supporter's activities, you must upload to your personal SNS account about 100 travel contents in total during one year.
    • If the channel you own has high influence and it is difficult to manage it uploading content, the channel you own can be excluded from the evaluation factor.
    • For the above reasons, if you create a new account and want to promote it, you may receive the lowest scores in the evaluation.
    • However, the YouTube channel is not reflected in the evaluation factor when it is necessary to open a new channel.
    • If you have multiple channels, you can upload content by dividing it. However, the same image and content cannot be duplicated.
  3. Pre-Mission Guide
    • For the pre-mission, only the content uploaded during the recruitment period is accepted.
    • If you applied with previously uploaded content, you will be excluded from the list of applicants.
    • Participating in the pre-mission be sure to include the phrase [2022 WOWKOREA Pre-Mission] in the title.
    • You can participate in the pre-mission as either an image or a video, but please upload an image content if it's possible.
    • In the post with the introduction text about the tourist destination please include information such as the place name and address of the tourist destination.
    • In the case of a copy of the tourist destination introduction text, the lowest scores will be given during evaluation.
    • Participating in the pre-mission please write only in English or Korean for evaluation. In the future, supporters will post in their local language.
    • Be sure to include #wowkorea #pre_mission in hashtags.


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